Spring Immerse Groups 

We have kicked off our Immerse reading program which will run from February 1st through May 22nd (16 weeks).  During this time, we will commit to reading the entire first five books of the Bible – Genesis through Deuteronomy – together. There are 5 days (Monday-Friday) of readings (about 4 pages or 10-15 minutes a day of reading time) to be completed at your pace.

5-11 people or a family could meet weekly to discuss what was read. These meetings are less like a Bible study but more like a “book club.”

Three formats of Immerse:

  1. Hard copy: A family guide is available here to use at home for parents, grandparents, or guardians to use with younger children. Click here for a sixteen-week reading plan.
  2. Free MP3 audio: Click here (once on Immerse website-click “view 16-week audio button)
  3. E-book: Purchase through the vendors below:

How Can I Participate In A Group?

  1. Join an existing group
  2. Form Your Own “Immerse” Group | If you presently do not belong to any group feel free to start your own group! Gather a group of about five-seven people—friends, neighbors, acquaintances, or colleagues. You can meet at your home, at a coffee shop, over lunch, whenever works for you. You don’t need to know everything to host a group; Immerse has a host guide here

Please email Zachs your questions, zzgaiya@tiu.edu, or call\text 978-335-7140 or the church office.

Immerse Blog

Here you will find writings on the small group Bible reading (Immerse).  This blog may help you dig deeper into the Immerse readings for that week. Click here to see the blog posts.

We also are looking for blog writers/recorders.  If you are willing to share your thoughts on a day’s reading, either by writing less than one page or recording less than 5 minutes, please sign up here!