Outdoor Worship Status*  RED Outdoor worship is postponed for the season, see you in the spring! 

Each week you can check here to see if Outdoor worship is being held.  We will watch the weather and update the website on Saturday.  Normally, it should be obvious if the weather is below 50 degrees, rainy, windy, etc.  Please remember what might be “acceptable” weather for humans is often too extreme for our technology.  We will use this area to help on the days where it is uncertain.

*If you show up to the church on a day where outdoor worship is postponed, please check with the Deacons inside as we often will have extra space for you if you want to join us in the sanctuary for worship.

Outdoor Worship Overview 

Join us every Sunday (weather permitting) for our outdoor worship. This will be a picnic-style community viewing of the worship service on an outdoor screen.  We will have two large tents to sit under with your own chairs, or you are welcome to sit at one of our picnic tables.  Please bring your own Bibles and items for outside. You do not need to sign up for outdoor worship.

Outdoor Worship Set up Team

This spring we are putting together a small team of people who would be willing to help us set up and tear down the equipment needed (table, screen, speakers, tents, and computer). If you would be willing to be part of this team, please contact Pastor Steve, Michelle Pas (our Worship Ministry Team Lead), or the office and let us know. This is another opportunity to serve God by serving one another during COVID time.