COVID Plan of Action: CALM

August 2021 Update

Council met to discuss our CALM plan in light of Lake County’s rising number of COVID infections. Currently, Lake County is labeled “High” on the CDC scale of COVID transmission levels. Because of this and the recommendations of the CDC and IDHP, we strongly encourage everyone at LCC to wear masks in our building regardless of vaccination status. This is a change from our previous recommendation and we hope for a temporary one. We will keep a close eye on numbers and recommendations and adjust our CALM plan accordingly.

A friend shared a helpful image with me today. When a flight encounters turbulence, we are all asked to put our seatbelts back on until that turbulence is passed. We are approaching this change in the same way. While we are resuming mask recommendations at LCC, we are not refraining from singing or moving our pews for social distancing, and are still encouraging outdoor worship and ministries where masks are fully optional.

We want to thank you, our LCC family, for your care for one another, especially our littlest ones who cannot be vaccinated yet. Know that we as leaders are praying for you during these difficult days of fear and frustration. As always, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, concerns, or questions with anyone in leadership.

Our CALM plan seeks to be faithful, cautious, disciplined and loving to our whole community while ensuring that LCC ministry remains vibrant and fully accessible. Your input has been essential, so please continue to share your own discernment with us at leadership(at)