search pngHurray!  The Pastoral Search Committee has completed the first stage of our search process.  We have completed our on-line church profile, including our updated job description.

As you may know, the process of searching for a pastor in the Covenant is largely completed using on-line profiles, both from searching churches and from seeking pastors.  A searching church completes a comprehensive profile which contains our preference information (partially gathered from the recent survey), demographic information, financial and attendance statistics, community information and our job description.  Pastors are also required to have a completed profile.

Pastors are grouped in 3 categories:

Actively looking for a position

Not looking for a position

Not actively looking, but want to see openings

It is the job of our conference superintendent, Jerome Nelson, to help match up our profile with prospective pastoral profiles.  With the permission of the seeking pastors, names are passed on to our committee.  We are at the stage now where Jerome will start to do the matching!

Please continue to pray for our committee as we progress on this important journey.


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