job decriptionOn Tuesday October 1st, the Search Committee will be meeting with Conference Superintendent, Jerome Nelson.  At this time, Jerome will be forwarding his first group of candidates to our committee.  The candidates will be screened by a multiple step process.

The first step would be to compare the candidate  to the requirements in our job description.  The job description is available by clicking below.


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  • Pastoral Search Committee
  • Connie Backstrom
  • Fritz Lansky
  • The Christian Formation Ministries at LCC
  • Sticky Faith
  • The Gomez family on the recent death of Sarah’s nephew, Eric
  • Pastor Dave Johnson who was recently hospitalized and is undergoing further testing for heart related issues
  • Pastor Bob and Judy as they travel in Europe over the next 3 weeks
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  • Pastoral Search Committee
  • Connie Backstrom
  • Fritz Lansky
  • The Deacon Ministries at LCC
  • JoEllen Reaves as she prepares to leave Mexico and return to the area on Home Assignment
  • The residents of Winchester House who are celebrating birthdays this month
  • Pastor Brian and his roofing project at Covenant Point

imgresWow!! What a great way to start off the Wednesday dinners! Thank you to everyone who helped continue this important ministry. Almost 90 people were here! It is hard to believe that a few short months ago we didn’t even have a team in place. We have come a long way in a very short time, due to a lot of hard work and planning by all of you. A special shout out to Chef John….great job! See you next week. Thanks again, Darilyn & Brenda