pastor-searchThe committee has reviewed two separate batches of names received from our Central Conference superintendent, Jerome Nelson.  Several candidates were identified and contacted.  At this time they are not ready to be involved in a call process.  We are also pursuing a parallel track where we are identifying our own prospects.  The last two pastors at LCC were chosen using this method.  Right now we are using our networks to identify prospects, along with studying denomination data to search for churches and pastors who fit our profile.

Please remember to pray for our church, this committee and for the pastor that God already knows will come to serve us.



  •  Beverly Schmidt
  • Pastoral Search Committee
  • Those with health concerns: Connie Backstrom, Gene Sparks, Barb Zienty, Bob Thornbloom, Vern Johnson (Claudia Nauman’s dad)
  • Those in need throughout the world who benefit from Covenant World Relief
  • Our financial needs as we near the end of the year
  • John and Suzy Nelson and Family on the recent death of his mother, Marge Nelson in Souix City, IA .