Turkey Bowl Logo

On Friday, Nov. 27 at 10am, we meet at Central Park in Grayslake for perhaps the most important event of the year: the 3rd Annual Turkey Bowl!  Dressed for the elements, we gather, women and men, children and adults, young and old, to find out who has what it takes to be this year’s Turkey Bowl Champions.  It’s flag football at its finest and there is no skill requirement at all.  Seriously, you should see us play and you’ll know that skill is completely optional.

When we’re finished, we’ll be heading over to Scott and Teresa Anderson’s for a post Thanksgiving feast warm up celebration.  Bring your leftovers ’cause this one is a potluck.  If you’d rather skip the game and just head to the Anderson’s, the feast begins at noon.

Invite your friends, your family, your neighbors, and anyone else you can find and join us as we grow together!

thanksgivingWant some pre-Thanksgiving pie? Want to hear what we’re all so thankful for? Want to join a wonderful community as we celebrate all that God has done for us? Then come and join us on Wed., Nov. 25 at 7pm for our Thanksgiving Eve Service and Dessert Buffet! Worship for everyone followed by desserts and laughter. We’d love to see you there!