Our March Newsletter is available now!  To download it, click here.

Our Fireside Dinner Fellowship has some really fun activities planned for 2015.  Below is a list of each month’s fun, but for details and a complete list, click here!

Feb. 26 @1pm – Afternoon lunch at Szechwan Kingdom Buffet

Mar. 19 @ 1pm – Irish Meal and Bits of Irish Trivia and Fun at the Avalon Restaurant

Apr. 9 @ 6pm – Visit with Bill Anderson, Wood Carver, at the Whitney Street Cafe

May 14 @ 5pm – “Around the World in One Hour” at Covenant Harbor

Sept. 11 @ 6pm – Libertyville Covenant Brass & Potluck at Saddlebrook Lake House

Oct. 8 @ 1pm – “Life Lessons with Pastor Chuck and others” at Dover Straits

Nov. 12 @ 6pm – “Soup Supper and Benefit for “A Safe Place”

Dec. 4 @ 6pm – Annual Smorgasbord and Lakeland Madrigals concert

grow300As God calls us to grow spiritually together, we’ve received two challenges so far this year: to read the bible cover to cover in a year, and to serve our community for 200 hours each month as a congregation.  You can get details by clicking these links, and take the challenge to grow together!

Discipleship Challenge – reading the bible in a year

Mission Challenge – serving our community for 200 hours per month

Why in the world does God want us to read ancient census data and family lists?  How is that relevant to my life?  Why does it matter?

It doesn’t, unless the family lists are of your family.  We know this intimately in the Covenant church.  In fact, we have a deep and complicated ritual upon meeting other Covenanters that revolves around these connections. Read more

0Did you know…the search committee just had its 3rd meeting?  As a committee we agreed that we have a desire to keep you (the congregation)updated on our progress with regards to this search.  So far we have discussed and are working on updating the church profile, and solidifying a job description for this position. John Christian and Niki Papak are the Co-Chairs of this search committee.
We are spending time in prayer as a group, and individually to seek out God’s direction and plan for this process of selection, and afterwards- the welcoming of an “Associate Pastor to Youth” to Libertyville Covenant Church.
We are open to suggestions of potential persons for this position, and would request that these suggestions be made in writing, on paper, and handed to a committee member. Additionally we request that you respect this process by not asking for specific information regarding candidates, as we are not allowed to share this information for a myriad of reasons. Thank you in advance for your patience and if you are wondering what you can do to help us, please pray for our committee and for the person whom God is calling to our church! You can keep an eye out for the next update within the next few weeks!