Habakkuk reads like any one of us was writing it.  Who hasn’t had a time when they have simply gone off on God, questioning Him and His decisions about this world, our lives, our families?  Who hasn’t gotten frustrated, angry, or even enraged at what seems to be injustice from God?  I know I have numerous times.

It always amazes me to see God’s patience with us in situations like this.  Whether it is Abraham bartering for Sodom, or Moses whining about his own inabilities to do what God asks, or Job questioning God’s actions, or Habakkuk yelling in rage at the Almighty, God never lashes out and never seems to lose His patience.  “Come, let us reason together,” seems to be God’s default go-to.  He answers our complaints, barters with us, and joins our debates.  And sure He always wins, but He always plays along.

When you get frustrated at God, remember it’s ok to cry out to Him.  Jesus’ own mother Mary and her entire people cried out to God so regularly that it became part of who they were.  Yet God not only didn’t lash out in His anger, but He made them part of His ultimate solution: Jesus.

Tonight we celebrate Christmas Eve, the night before Jesus’ birth.  And so we can remember that God is patient with us, that He understands us having been one of us, and that He answers our cries with the greatest solution ever: a baby in a manger.  A baby who will grow up to be a Savior on a cross, and then a Lord in Heaven.

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