Any time someone complains about a public official, from president to governor to mayor, I try not to join in.  I left Facebook for that very reason – I was finding it too depressing to look at the posts of some of my closest friends.  Their hatred toward others in the political world was just too hard to stomach.  I tried first hiding certain posts, then certain kinds of posts, then certain people who posted all the time.  But no matter how wide I cast that net, I was still getting post after post of vitriol and slant.  So, I finally had to drop out of Facebook altogether.  Recently I started a whole new account that is only connected to certain groups who decided to communicate solely through Facebook.

Having cut that cord, I then found that attending family gatherings was just as bad.  And quick conversations at church, and with friends, and… the belief that we were in “the very worst time ever politically” was everywhere.

It only takes one quick read through the prophets to see that we are NOT in the worst time ever politically.  In fact, we are in pretty good company when it comes to our political leaders.  Today’s reading alone has titles like, “The King who Exalts Himself,” and I think I’ve seen almost that exact headline in the last few months.  Our political leadership has always been like this, with varying degrees of self-exaltation, misuse of amassed wealth and power, unethical alliances, and self-promotion.  And today is no different.

As Christians, our answer to this needs to be, “It doesn’t matter.”  Our salvation, peace, joy, and hope will NEVER come from our political leaders.  Whatever they do, God is in control and He’s got this.  As it has been, so it is and so it will ever be.  Amen.

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