Is there something you want to do for God but you’re waiting for some change to come along before you do it?  “I’ll serve you, Lord, as soon as I’m done with this time-consuming project.”  “I’ll give more to church, Lord, as soon as I get that raise.”  “I’ll come to worship again, Lord, once they change the time.”  We are a people with a million excuses, so Joseph’s lesson from today’s text is very apropos.

Joseph didn’t wait to serve God, though he had every right to.  “I’ll just wait until I’m out of this well.”  “Once I’m not a slave to Potiphar, I’ll do anything you want, Lord.”  “As soon as I’m out of prison, I’ll be a godly man.”  I think of the Apostle Paul’s comment in Phil 4:11, “…I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.”  Joseph had a very hard and very unfair life, whether being threatened by his brothers or sold by them into slavery in a far off country, whether being a slave to Potiphar or being the unfair accused in a sexual assault case, whether as a prisoner in an Egyptian dungeon or being forgotten by the very people he had helped.  Yet in all of these situations, Joseph continued to be used by God and blessed by Him.  And what’s more, those he served got a piece of the blessing as well.

Are you ready to do God’s will regardless of your circumstances, or are you waiting for something else to happen or stop happening?  Are you ready to be content whatever the circumstances, or are you waiting for God to give you something else before you can be happy?  Because if you’re not doing God’s will now, or if you’re not content with what you currently have, you won’t act or find happiness no matter what may change.

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