Interlude:  Wisdom

In the midst of Job’s argument with his friends, there is this brief interlude likening wisdom to fine gems.  The mining metaphor, the preciousness of wisdom, and its elusiveness are all beautifully and poetically on display.

But why wisdom?  Isn’t obedience the most valuable part of our faith?  Isn’t faithfulness more precious than anything?  Isn’t holiness the hardest thing to achieve?  Why wisdom?

Throughout the Old Testament, especially in the book of Proverbs, wisdom is the goal of life.  In fact, it is personified so often and beautifully that a few throughout history have suggested Sophia, Greek for wisdom, as a fourth member of the Trinity!

Wisdom is what gives us the ability to use the knowledge we learn for God’s glory.  To quote a famous author, “Knowledge tells us that tomatoes are fruit.  Wisdom tells us not to put them in a fruit salad.”

And wisdom begins with a healthy fear of God.  If we do not respect God even to the point of a little fear, we will not be willing to obey Him, learn from Him, and accept His correction when it is difficult.  And wisdom can only be gained by experience, and usually painful experience is the best teacher.

Why wisdom?  Because everything else we deem important flows from that.  So week wisdom above all else.  Sacrifice accumulation, reputation, and comfort if that’s what it takes to gain wisdom.

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