If God told you to walk up to a stranger and offering them healing like Peter did here in Acts 9, would you do it?  What if there was no direct command from God’s lips but rather you chose to offer it in Jesus’ name while walking downtown one day?

Jesus told the disciples who were with Him that they would do even more powerful miracles than He did through the Holy Spirit.  More powerful than Jesus’?  He raised the dead, calmed storms, and yes, healed the crippled.  Peter was there when Jesus promised that.  And the promise was for him.

But if the promise is, “when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will do even more powerful things than this,” then what do we do with that?  (1) We are followers of Jesus like the Disciples were.  (2) We have the Holy Spirit living inside of us.  (3) We are the recipients of that promise just as Peter was.  If our theology is correct, and our faith is true, we can heal people!  So why don’t we?

In the book, “Jim and Kaspar Go to Church”, Kaspar the athiest, upon hearing a preacher tell a story of God healing someone through him, asks Jim the pastor why that pastor is wasting his time preaching here when he could be at a hospital healing people.  Caspar says it in jest, but points out an interesting point.  Why don’t we heal more today?  Why are there no YouTube videos of Christians healing people on the street or in their services?  Is it a lack of power, or a lack of faith?  That is the question this text asks of us today.

What would it take for you to record yourself healing someone born blind, deaf, or crippled?

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