Yesterday we mentioned that nearly every character in John’s Passion narrative will state or imply that Jesus is King of the Jews.  From the Roman guards in the garden of Gethsemane, to the servant who lost an ear there, player after player in this drama acknowledges that Jesus is God and King of the Jews.  Except one.  The Jews themselves

It is here that John emphasizes that with all the Romans taking part in this plan, it is the Jews themselves who refuse to recognize their own King.  In fact, it is they who will insist, “We have no King but Caesar”.

Why is it often the very people closest to Jesus who refuse His loving advances?  Why is it that absolute strangers, foreigners, and the least likely are the ones who most quickly accept Him?  From a Samaritan woman at a well to an Ethiopian eunich, those with little exposure to Jesus find it easiest to fall in love with Him.  While it is we who have known of Him since birth who find Him the slowest.  Some have even said that Christianity is a vaccine against truly knowing Jesus.

Are you open to all that God wants to do through you?  with you?  to you?  Are you prepared for something you don’t expect, something brand new from God, or are you so well versed in your own expectation of God that He is stuck in His little box?

Today, open yourself to the possibility of God being bigger than your tiny expectations of Him.  Allow yourself to believe that He may be able to do far more than you can possibly ask or imagine.

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