The major difference between moving cows and moving sheep is that you drive cows from behind but you lead sheep from in front.

Jesus has proclaimed Himself “the Good Shepherd” and the metaphor is apt.  As our Good Shepherd, Jesus leads us from in front.  He goes before us and only then calls us to follow His lead.  But all too often we forget this, thinking we are blazing a trail, attempting a task nobody has tried before.  But we are never called anywhere that Jesus has not gone before.

So how do we follow our Good Shepherd?  By following His voice.  If we are Jesus’ sheep, we will recognize His voice when we hear it or read it.  We will know which messages come from Him and which come from us or the world around us.  And when we hear His voice, all we need to do is follow where it leads.  When we do, we will truly prove ourselves to be His sheep.

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