What happens when the Lord calls us to be bearers of bad news?  People refuse to accept bad news and often blame the messenger for the message.  Yet God’s message is God’s message, whether it is “good news” or “bad news”.  Like Jeremiah, we are sometimes called to share bad news with the people around us; what happens when we do?

First of all, we need to be absolutely sure that God has given us the message to pass along.  To pass along a false message, no matter how true we think it is, and claim it is from God carries a deep price.  False prophets were stoned in the Old Testament.  To proclaim that God will punish someone for one act or another is serious business.

Once we are sure the message is our to give, and to whom God has called us to give it, we are bound to share it.  And every example we have of this practice reveals that there will be painful consequences for the messenger.

Still want to bear God’s word to the World?

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