Do you find it easy to talk with strangers, or even friends, about Jesus?  Few of us do.  And the primary reason is fear.  We all have the opportunities, and we all know we are called to it.  Jesus told us again and again to go and tell people about Him.  But it’s a scary thing to do.  So we are making it a whole lot easier.  Welcome to The Twice Challenge.  In a nutshell, the Twice Challenge is this…

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.00.58 AMStep 1)  Learn the story.
Step 2) Wear the shirt.
Step 3) Pray for the chance.
Step 4) Tell the story.

We are offering a simple story about a boy and his sailboat (click here for the story).  You can order a simple Tshirt for $5, but then you agree to wear it at least one day a week for the summer.  You pray all summer long that God will bring someone to ask you what your T-shirt means, and when they do, you tell them this story.  It’s simple, you don’t need “all the answers”, and doesn’t require you to initiate the conversation – we let God set that up.

So, if you’d like to be part of The Twice Challenge, click here for the sign up sheet.  But be warned: signing your name is a covenant to all four steps.  This year I’ve already told the story twice, once in Kohl’s and once on a bike path walk, just because I wore the shirt.  Commit today and just see what God has in store for you this summer!

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