How often do you spend a huge amount of time trying to solve a problem only to realize half way through that you’ve been doing it without God?  That is the story of David and Goliath.

Look at the text of this story.  How many verses does it take before anyone even thinks of God?  Twenty six!  King Saul, his entire army, even David’s brothers don’t think to ask God for help until David shows up.  So they go to war, confront a 9 foot enemy who mocks them and taunts them for 40 days, and on every one of those days while they are lining up for war – twice! – they don’t think to pray, to ask God for help.

Finally, David comes and brings God with him.  Goliath isn’t mocking Saul’s army; he’s mocking the God they stand for.  And through the whole of this story, only David turns to, or even mentions, God.  Except once when Saul wishes David well in the battle with, “The Lord be with you.”  This means little from a king who has already identified God as “your God” when talking to Samuel earlier.

Too often we fight our battles and wage our wars with little or no thought of God.  We do our work, live our lives, bemoan our society, raise our families, and only before meals or at bed time do we think of God.  And we wonder why our lives are so hard.

Today, turn to God right now.  Include Him in your daily living, your work and family and rest.  Ask Him to help you, to fight for you in your daily battles, and see what a difference it makes to have God fighting on your side.  You might even be able to slay that giant you’ve been running from all these years.

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