Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it.

Why can’t we ever just be content?  It seems like as a species, we always want more.  We’re in slavery, and all we want is our freedom.  We get our freedom and all we want is our promised land.  We get to our promised land and all we want is to walk in and take it without any struggles.  We wander in the desert and all we want is food.  We get food and all we want is water.  We get water and all we want is different food…

The most frustrating part is that we have such a tendency to rewrite our own history to match our arguments.  “Do you remember how great Egypt was?  All the fish and free vegetables we could eat?”  We forget that we were enslaved and in peril all day every day for hundreds of years.

Oh, how often we do this ourselves.  We rewrite our history to match our complaint, and then we complain about all we don’t have rather than celebrate all we have.  It seems that contentment is not something we can handle for long.

We see it again in the story of the Gerasenes demoniac.  All people want is to be free of this demon terrorizing their town.  And when Jesus frees them, they are afraid and ask Him to leave.  Only the demoniac himself recognizes all God has done for him and asks to follow Jesus.  Told that he could not but had to stay and follow the Great Commission, he gladly did and shared throughout the Decapolis (a region of 10 towns) all that God had done.

Today, lets commit to not being like the Israelites, or the people of the Gerasenes, or like we usually are and instead follow in the ex-demon’s shoes, gratefully sharing with everyone around us all that God has done for us.

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