One of the hardest things we can do when it comes to trusting God is to let go of a situation that we are truly passionate about.  To be able to sit back and trust God to handle the problems of this world and of our lives is even more hard in a society like ours that tells you to go out there and get what you want, to work hard, to achieve and accomplish.  In fact, we are often told that it is God who is driving us to do more and try harder, only then to feel like a failure when we know we could do more and try even harder yet.

Moses is confronted by a huge group of leaders of the people who seek a vote of no-confidence.  They lie about their situation, put undo blame on him, and call his motives into question.  But Moses doesn’t argue or dispute their claims.  He simply lets God do what God will do.  And in the great test, God proves faithful to His servant Moses, even to the point of Moses having to come to the aid of the very community that is grumbling against him.

Have you ever faced a situation where either you could try to fight your battle or you could sit back and let God do what God might do?  Which choice did you make?  You see the danger of letting God be God is that often God’s outcomes are not the ones we’ve fought for.  But they are God’s and if that is truly what we seek, then we should be content with those outcomes, even if they go against our own desire for achievement, accomplishment, and victory.

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