It has always confused and amazed me that Jesus’ power was such that even touching something that He touched brought healing.  Here, we see that the sick can touch the edge of Jesus’ cloak and be healed.  This changes the way we think of Jesus’ healing and miracles in general.

We generally consider Jesus’ miracles to be intentional and pointed.  He feeds the 5000 because of His compassion on the crowds, the very same crowds who block and hide Him from those in need of His care in other instances.  He calms the storm to calm His disciples’ fear.  But here, like with the woman with the flow of blood, Jesus doesn’t even seem to realize He’s healing people.  It is simply the touch of the cloak He’s wearing that heals them.

We are Jesus’ cloak.  Having been touched by Jesus ourselves, we therefore bear His Spirit and power and bring healing to others.  We know that what we accomplish for God is not from our own power.  We can’t affect people through our sermons, or make them believe by sharing our testimonies.  It is only the power of Jesus through His Holy Spirit that makes these things effective for the Kingdom.  Otherwise, they will bring praise and glory to us, not to God.

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