Lent is a time to remember and reflect.  So we’ve asked a number of people to share their stories with us.  Today, we hear from Paul Couleur, our Associate Pastor to Youth…

My faith journey has been precisely that, a journey. Growing up, Winnetka Covenant Church was my spiritual home. I am blessed to have been raised by Christian parents who had me baptized as an infant. My journey was shaped by spiritual formation at church, retreats, covenant camping experiences, and other church actives.

Many summers I would spend a week at Covenant Harbor Bible Camp and it was during one such a summer that I gave my life to Christ. During a Wednesday evening worship service in the Carriage house I had raised my hand in response to the invitation to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. However, that wasn’t the only summer I raised my hand to do so. Each year when the time came to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior my hand was raised nice and high. In response my counselor who was with me the previous summer asked, “why did you raised your hand again.” My response was to explain that I invited him into my heart and I wasn’t always sure he was there. However, I really did want Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. This kind counselor assured me “Paul, he’s with you, Always!”

The journey of faith didn’t end there.  If anything, it really started to pick up momentum. In response to these meaningful experiences at camp I would return to church with a desire to know what it was that God intended for my life.  What does a life well lived look like to God? Each day I continue to seek to live a life pleasing before God.

In one way or another, each day I ask Jesus to be my Lord and Savior, and in response I offer my self to Him.

I once was lost and now I have been found.

Praise be to God.

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