I was chuckling the other day at the new Domino’s campaign.  Apparently we are done trying to prove that our pizzas are better than others.  Now we have to prove that our company is better than other similar companies.  What distinguishes Pizza Hut from Little Caesars or Papa John (ok, bad example) or the local pizza place?  And they’ve gone with highway repair.  Not kidding, only wishing I were.

Everyone has known the pain of watching helplessly as your pizza slides from the passenger seat where it has sat comfortably for most of the ride to the floor because you hit a nasty pothole.  In fact, let us show you what this looks like with a dramatization (no kidding, they really show a person pretending to hit a pothole and watch in horror as their pizza slides to the floor, presumably ruined for all eternity.  But now, Domino’s is sending out a Pothole Repair Vehicle complete with workers, asphalt, oil, and shovels, to come repair any pothole that might give you grief.  That’s right folks, Domino’s is here to fill your potholes, because that has everything to do with pizza.

I don’t think this is what God means when He speaks in scripture about making your rough places a plane and your mountains and valleys taken care of.  But it is interesting that Isaiah uses this image twice, and each time the service goes the other direction.  The first time, we are called  – in Isaiah but also through John the Baptist – to straighten the crooked ways and level the mountains and valleys in order to prepare the way of the Lord.  Today, we read that it is God who will do this work for us, His chosen yet blind people (42:15).  Then He will lead us, blind though we are, on straight paths.

When you feel like the road of life ahead of you is just one huge potholed mess, filled with mountains and valleys you cannot get over, remember that the Lord goes before you and can straighten the path.  Hope springs eternal for the People of God, for He has already prepared the path before you – you just can’t see it until you’re there!

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