The Pastoral Search Committee has been meeting regularly and is making good progress.  We have 3 sub-committees working on the main tasks required:

  • Completing the church profile
  • Writing a job description
  • Incorporating the information from the staff interviews that were completed

The church profile is an on-line comprehensive description of our church, its members and the community.  Our Central Conference superintendent, Jerome Nelson, will use this profile to help match prospective candidates.  We have determined we will need a short congregational survey in order  to complete the profile.  Details on the survey will be coming soon.

The job description is largely written.  After we get more results from the survey, we will be able to finish.

If anyone has a referral for the pastor position, please contact one of the co-chairs listed below.

We desire your prayers!  Please remember Dwight and Kathy, our committee, and the whole church during this transition period.


Beth Hjelm and Cap Johnson, committee co-chairs; Trevor James, church chair; Janis Carlson, Dan Frost, Larissa Greenfield, Paul Nauman, Ben Palmberg, Merileen Thorson, and Owen Youngman (secretary)

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