Due to a lack of trust/faith, David, one of the greatest military assets King Saul could utilize, is chased into the hands of King Saul’s enemies.  It’s amazing what a lack of trust can do to harm us.

King Saul is foolish, impatient, arrogant, proud, and impulsive as we have already noted.  Today we see that he is controlling as he attempts to force Samuel to do his bidding from the grave, and that he is lacking in trust.  And it may be this last that is ultimately his downfall.  Saul doesn’t trust that David is not out to kill him and claim the kingship for himself.  And as with everyone, it is true of Saul that we always assume others will act the way we would.  Nobody is more afraid of being gossiped about than a gossip.  Nobody assumes someone else is lying as quickly as a liar.  And for King Saul, nobody assumes another would attempt to wrongfully take his throne than he is.  Even when David has proven again and again that he will not harm God’s anointed King, no matter how easy and justified it is, still Saul won’t trust him and so pursues him.

David is forced into the land of his sworn enemy, the Philistines.  And yet here too he is met with mistrust.  After over a year of faithful service to Achish, David has earned his trust.  But not that of the other military leaders who send him away rather than allowing him to fight with them.  Again, David’s military prowess goes unused due to a lack of faith in him.

How often do we lose out on great opportunities and gifts because of a lack of trust?  (The Greek word for “trust” is pistis, which is also the word for faith, making them almost interchangeable).  How often are we the recipients of Jesus’ dispirited and dispiriting words, “Oh, you of little faith.  Why do you doubt?”  Are there situations in your life where your lack of trust is causing you to lose out on relationships, on ministry opportunities, or on peace of mind?

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