What if you, like Aladdin, got three wishes?  Besides “more wishes”, what would you wish for?  Would you look for the trick, the hook, in the gift, or would you trust that this was truly a purely generous offer?  Would you ask for yourself, a loved one, or the whole world?  What if it was only one wish?

Solomon dreams this very scenario.  A young man, thrust into the kingship of God’s people prematurely, he is bound for a lifetime of leading both militarily and politically.  And God gives him one wish.  And where most would ask for long life or great wealth or the defeat of his enemies Solomon asks for wisdom and discernment.  And God is pleased.

Solomon asks for the ability to lead well that his people, God’s people, might flourish.  And so God gives him not only the wisdom he desires but also wealth and honor and, if Solomon obey’s God’s will, long life as well.

I’ve been disciplining myself for quite a while now to truly seek God’s will above any of my desires.  My prayers, on my good days, are simply that God’s plans would succeed, that God’s people would flourish, and that I would know my part in that plan.  Unfortunately, I find that “my good days” are not as often as I’d like them to be, and so I find myself praying selfishly again.  “God, give us this or that; help us succeed in what we do; bless my family, help me pay my bills, and give us peace.”  These prayers are a far cry from, “May Your will be done”.

Are your prayers more about getting what you want or more about getting God what He wants?  Given the promise of answered prayer, what is your wish today?

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