Well, it’s here.  Christmas Day is here.  It’s a day of stables and mangers, of shepherds and angels, of carols and celebration.  On the actual Christmas Day, there was no celebration of Jesus’ birth.  There was little food, no presents (no, the wise men didn’t come until later), and no decorations.  But we’ve been making up for it ever since!  Our celebration today is just a small part of the full party that God has thrown for thousands of years, and we get to be a part of it!

Jesus’ birth was so momentous that it split time in half, BC and AD.  In this tiny baby, God changed everything.  Gone was the legalism of the OT law.  Gone was the hopelessness of trying to live the perfect life and failing again and again requiring yet another sacrifice to pay for those sins.  Gone was the fact that we couldn’t see God lest we die.  Gone was the old..

And in came the new!  Now we could not only see God and live but we could touch Him, and listen to Him, and laugh with Him.  Now we could live with purpose and mission, with direction and hope.  Now we could literally follow Him and do what He did.  And when we failed, we found grace and forgiveness.  Now Jesus was here and life would never be the same again.

So as we celebrate today, remember that we are just a small part of the celebration, but an important part at that.  Like one fan at a football game, we are just one, but we are part of the whole.  And our celebration today added to all the celebrations happening around the world, and then those added to all the celebrations happening across the years… and we’ve got ourselves a Party!!  One worthy of celebrating all that happened that first Christmas day.

So Merry Christmas, everyone.  May your celebration be a big as you can make it, remembering that it is so much bigger than just us.

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