Lent is a time to remember and reflect.  So we’ve asked a number of people to share their stories with us.  Today, we hear from Bobby Becker, our Director of Children’s Ministry…

“So, I grew up in a Christian home, this very church in fact. Because of this, I have never really

lived without GOD in my life, which will come into play later. The first time that I accepted GOD into my

life was when I was about 5 years old. I was talking with my mom about how to get to heaven and she

explained that I just needed to accept GOD and Jesus into my heart. So I looked up at the ceiling and

with all the seriousness I could muster, commanded, “GOD, Jesus, be in my heart!” My mom chuckled

lovingly and took my hands. We prayed together that GOD would enter my life.

From that point on I walked with GOD. I often didn’t know what that actually meant but

between learning the stories in Sunday School and being spiritually challenged at camp, I had no doubts

that GOD was on and by my side. Right up until 6th grade that is. In 6th grade I was bullied at school. Being

the odd and sensitive boy didn’t go over well with my peers who were also trying to figure out who they

were. I was often made fun of for crying, or being naïve and trusting. I would always fall for the “Look

over there!” pranks. Those that I called friend at school took a different approach, telling me about a

sleepover the day after it happened and purposefully excluding me from conversations by talking about

comics that they knew I hadn’t read. Towards the end of that year, I would come home crying. I felt

unloved, and as though GOD had left me. One day, when I came home in such a state, Mom, Dad, and

Tim were already home and all three did their best to comfort me, truly caring about what I was

struggling with. That evening we went to church where I found out that I had true friends in the youth

group there. After church I realized that GOD had not abandoned me, but instead had surrounded me

with a loving family and friends group that I just had to open my eyes and see. From that point on, I

knew GOD would always be with me.”

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