We are at a time in history when injustice is being called out.  From BlackLivesMatter to the #MeToo movement, we are no longer willing to stand for injustice.  Which is our natural reaction anyway.  When we experience injustice, we seem to be programmed to fight it with all we have.  Just try giving a two year old less than his older sister!  So it should not surprise us to see swords out as the religious leaders come for Jesus.

But Jesus is fighting for something more important than justice.  Having come out of the battle in the Garden of Gethsemane, a battle against fear and dread, Jesus is now ready to take on the last hours of His life.  And those last hours require history’s greatest injustice for the scriptures to be fulfilled.  Jesus prioritizes His God-given mission over receiving the justice He deserves.

The disciples do not understand or accept this injustice, and so use everything in their power, namely weapons, to prevent it.  And are rebuked clearly by Jesus.  “You think a sword will stop history?  Do you know what havoc I could wreak upon these guys?  But I don’t, because there is something bigger going on that just one man’s justice.”

When you get indignant at the injustice of this world, do you ever stop and listen to God?  Do you ever check to see if maybe there is something bigger going on?  Do you whip out a sword and start chopping to defend your idea of fairness, or do you drop to your knees in prayer, honest prayer like that of Jesus, and wait for God’s command?  If only you and I could prioritize God’s plan over everything, even seeking justice for ourselves.

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