Today, let’s do an exercise together rather than just a reflection.  After all God did for His people to free them from 400 years of slavery, after plagues and Passover, after pillars of fire and the Red Sea crossing, after plunder and the destruction of their oppressors, God’s people sang.  Moses sang and Miriam sang.  The people sang and prayed and worshiped.

We get pretty wrapped up in the problems of this world, and so we forget to sing.  With the Psalmist we ask “How can we sing the songs of God in a foreign land?” as we look around and don’t see the Kingdom of God, our homeland, anywhere.  It takes work for us to remember all that God has done for us.  And that may be why so often God’s command is to remember.  Pillars in the wilderness and altars on the mountain, communion shared by the congregation and songs that recount our history, all of these are attempts to remember.

So today, take some time to remember all that God has done for you.  Write out your thanksgiving as a song or poem, or just a prayer letter to God.  And as you remember, and as you give thanks, “sing to the Lord, for He is highly exalted.”

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