Jehovah Jireh – “The Lord will provide”

Abraham didn’t learn from his lie to Pharaoh in Egypt, the first time he claimed Sarah as his sister instead of his wife (Gen. 12).  He does it again with Abimelek, and while God brought plagues against the Egyptians, here is is Abimelek’s very life at stake.  Abraham is once again rebuked and once again makes a powerful enemy.  And all because he has taken matters into his own hands and not trusted the Lord to provide for his safety.

But God’s grace abounds, and the next thing that happens is that God provides for Abraham in the most profound way.  Isaac, the miracle child and carrier of the Covenant, is born to a 91 year old barren woman.

Sarah didn’t learn from Abraham’s experiences, and so rather than trusting in God to provide for her son, she has his half-brother sent off to die.  Like in Egypt and with Abimelek, their faithlessness causes great trouble for others, and ultimately for themselves.

But God’s grace abounds, and He saves Ishmael and in fact blesses Him because of his father Abraham.  But once again, his descendants will become a thorn for Isaac’s, a theme running through the story of Abraham.

Finally, Abraham seems to have learned about God’s provision, and so our final story is the sacrifice of Isaac.  Abraham makes it clear that his trust in God has become a reality.  Asked to sacrifice his miracle child and the carrier of the Covenant, Abraham simply says, “The Lord will provide the lamb for the sacrifice.”

And God’s grace abounds, for Abraham, Isaac, and us.  By providing a ram for them, we get a huge precursor of Jesus’ sacrifice for us.  God provides the Lamb, His own miracle child and carrier of the Promise, for our sacrifice, and through Him our sins are paid for.

And so Abraham learns and God confirms that our God is Jehovah Jireh, and He will provide for our needs.  In uncertain times and frightening events, will you trust that our God is Jehovah Jireh and will provide for you?

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