Perhaps we’re getting tired of hearing this, but in Jesus’ last moments, like in the whole of His passion week, Jesus is in complete control.  He has orchestrated the events of His own death because He is fully obedient to the Father’s will, and the Father’s will is that He die for the people, die to pay for our sins, die to bring us salvation.

We can understand Jesus orchestrating the events leading up to His death, but even while suffering on the cross, He is still directing events.  He finds His mother someone, John himself in fact, to care for her in her old age, though at this point she is not quite 50.  He asks for something to drink not because He is thirsty but in order to fulfill scriptural prophecy.  And finally, having done all that needed doing, “He gave up His spirit.”  In control to the very end.

And this is important because all too often our lives are out of control.  From the political to the religious, from the social to the personal, from the physical to the emotional, everything seems to be out of control.  And it seems to be growing more out of control rather than less as time passes and as we age.  Which makes this lesson that much more important.

When everything seems out of control, God is still in control.  When we weep over the pain in the world and in our lives and can do nothing about it, God is in control.  When the world seems to be falling apart, God is in control.  In sickness and in health, in poverty and in plenty, when comfort and pleasure just aren’t enough to bring meaning to our lives, God is in control.

Ours is simply to trust.  As hard as it is, trust that God is in control.  And life becomes much easier.

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