What are the odds?  How unlikely is this whole story?  Looking at Philip’s encounter with an Ethiopian eunuch, we can’t help but ask how this could possibly have come to be.  But then we remember that God is involved, and it begins to make sense.

The treasurer to the Queen of the Ethiopians, a believer traveling to Jerusalem to worship, is heading home when he happens to be reading a scroll of the book of Isaiah.  He happens to be reading one of the primary Christological passages of that book, but can’t understand any of it.  Philip “happens” to be standing next to the chariot and asks if he can help.

This story really doesn’t strike us as odd, though, because we understand that where God is involved, coincidences happen.  It seems like a typical act of God that this important man’s salvation would be orchestrated so distinctly, and yet must have seemed so lucky.

What parts of your life seemed like coincidence at the time, only to be revealed as the work of God in your life?  What might He be doing right now for you?  Watch out for coincidences – they may be much more!

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