The vacant lot just South of our parking lot was offered for sale recently.  Our neighbor to the South, Greg Winters, has purchased the lot.  Greg wants just a small portion of the lot for his driveway.  The remainder of the lot will be offered to us after the legal work has been completed.

This lot is important to us in consideration of any future plans to expand our facilities or add additional parking spaces.

Church Council is recommending the purchase of the lot with the following conditions:

  • Due diligence is made to ensure the lot will serve our future needs
  • The purchase price is appropriate
  • Congregational approval is received

Included here are 4 displays:


LCC lot slide 1

This map shows the lot, 254 S. St. Mary’s, in relation to our property and Greg’s property.

LCC lot slide 2








This picture shows a proposed division of the lot.

LCC lot slide 3








This drawing show a potential use of the lot. NOTE: there is no plan to develop the property at this time.

LCC lot slide 4








This page shows some potential financing options.

It will take 90 days for Greg to complete the division of the lot.  At that time, the Council will have done it’s due diligence and will be prepared to come to the congregation with the appropriate motion.


Stay tuned!






























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