The stereotypical playground chant, “My daddy can beat up your daddy” seems strangely apropos in today’s reading.  The question between Jesus and his detractors is this: “Who’s your daddy?”

For Jews, being able to say that Abraham was their father was code for saying that they were righteous, Law-abiding Jews.  But Jesus turns the tables by saying that it is not Abraham who is their father but Satan.  He then goes on to say that only He is a legitimate Son of God the Father.  “If God were your Father, you would love me, for I have come here from God.”

We all can call Father He whose will we try to carry out.  If we are doing the work of God, then He is our father.  If we are trying to carry out the will of someone else, then they are our father.  So, I ask today, “Who’s your daddy?”  Whose will are you trying to accomplish?  Is it God’s?  Is it your own?  Is it this World’s?

Jesus ends with a warning: only children of God will enter the Kingdom of God.  So, is God our Father?  If so, let’s give Him thanks for His adoption.  If not, then maybe like the Prodigal we need to remember our identity, leave our pigsty, and return to Him.  He will always come running to meet us if we do.

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