“Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the worst.”

I know me better than anyone short of God Himself, so I know better than anyone else the sins that try me.  I know my temptations, my weaknesses, and more to the point, I know when I give in to them.  I don’t know your sins, temptations, weaknesses, or fallings.  I just know me and mine.  I believe this goes for every person on earth.

This being the case, I also know better than anyone else just how much grace has been given to me.  I know how God has not punished me for the sins I have committed, and I know how He has helped me grow through and out of some of the sins I’ve faced.  Nobody can know the amount of grace God has given to me except me.  And I cannot know the level of grace offered to you as well as you can.

If we could recognize the truth of this, I think we could change the world.  First, if we could recognize that we do not know the sins of others, we would be significantly more effective at sharing the good news with others.   As it stands, we are so busy dissecting and gossiping about the sins of others that we have no time, nor any voice in their lives, to share the gospel with them.   Second, if we could remember the grace we ourselves have received, we would be so much more able to offer that grace to others.

Jesus didn’t come to scrutinize our sin, or to condemn us for it, or to remind us of just how awful we are.  He came to save us, we sinners, and to offer more grace than we know what to do with.  Paul got this, and was the most effective evangelist ever.  Let’s remember this ourselves and join Paul as he joined Christ in his mission to save sinners.

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