A moment to address the Elephant (and the Donkey) in the room:

Since the election on Tuesday, I’ve counseled with people in their tears over what the future may hold, and I’ve counseled with people in fear of  being ostracized from their friends, their families, and even this very church because they voted for President-Elect Trump.  We all have feelings about this and a myriad of other topics, and our feelings are legitimate.  Feelings are not sinful.

But how we express them can be.  Folks, we are the church.  And whatever our feelings about this or any other topic we may discuss, we must be different than our society in how we discuss it.  We listen more than we speak. We don’t tear down those who disagree with us.  And while we don’t ignore the issues of this world, seeking instead to bring God’s worldview to bear on them, neither do we let them take precedence in our minds and lives, a place where only Jesus belongs.

So people of God, show the love of God to each other, especially to those with whom you disagree.  And remember that life continues.  This week we celebrate new life in our church family with the birth of a new baby girl, and we mourn with another family at the untimely death of their father.  So we will continue to be the church to them and to each other.  We will continue to call this nation to worship Jesus Christ and Him only.  We will continue to stand up for the least, the lost, the last, and the littlest among us.  And we will continue to love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Be the Church, people.  And may God be blessed in all we say and do.

Pastor Steve

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