Does God really know everything?  This question has been at the heart of some of the biggest arguments in theology.  If God knows everything that is going to happen, then does predestination come into play?  Is there a difference between knowing what is going to happen and causing it?  What’s the point of trying to share His will with us in the hopes that we will follow it if He knows already whether we will or won’t?

The most current argument revolves around a theory called Open Theology. I heard it come from a theologian named Greg Boyd.  The thought behind this is that yes, God knows everything that there is to know.  But the future doesn’t exist, so it isn’t there to know, so God doesn’t know it.  This, Open Theology argues, doesn’t limit God or say there’s something He doesn’t know, and yet answers the great questions of predestination mentioned earlier.

This is considered heresy by orthodox and traditional theologians because however they try to say that this doesn’t limit God, it does and that cannot be.

Paul says today that we have been predestined.  If you think about that word, it means “destined beforehand”.  Which I see as different than being a puppet without free will.  Though I may have a destiny, I still have the choice to ignore it, swerve from it, or follow it.  We have been given a destiny in Christ before we were born, but that destiny is ours to discover, ours to follow, ours to ignore.

What specifically is your destiny, set for you before the creation of the world?  What are you doing to follow it?

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