Most people think they know what the church is against, we want to show them what the church is for. We want to show the people of Libertyville that Libertyville Covenant Church is for them, and that God is for them. This was the task given to the Gospel Footprint team and here is their plan.

LCC is hosting a booth at Libertyville Days June 13th-15th with the simple goal of letting Libertyville know that as a church we are for them. We will be passing out free water, hosting a free children’s game and taking time to ask two questions of those who stop by “How can the church be for you?” and “How can the church be for Libertyville?” Our hope is that if we begin with listening it will give us as a church an opportunity to learn the story of our community and the stories of the people that live here. When we know someone’s story we better know how to care for them and meet their needs.
Hosting a booth is a big undertaking and the Gospel Footprint team has been doing a fabulous job getting things planned and organized. Now we need you!
Here are some ways to get involved:
1. Sign-up for a two hour shift to help at the Libertyville Days booth (June 13th-15th). For each two hour shift we need people to engage with those who stop by, asking our two questions, as well as people to hand out water and help run the children’s game.
2. On Saturday, June 14th from 1-4 we will be hosting a free car wash in our parking lot. We will be advertising this at Libertyville Days as a way to show our community that we care for them. We are also planning to have signs up to attract the attention of everyone driving by. Sign-up to help wash cars, or if car washing isn’t your specialty we could also use help making signs and providing childcare for the infants and toddlers of the car washers.
3. We are in need of some carpenters to build a one hole miniature golf course for the children’s game at the booth. We have a simple design that builds the course in panels for easy transportation.
Sign-up sheets for all of the above opportunities will be available online and in the narthex in coming weeks. See Pastor Brian or one of the Gospel Footprint team members for more information or to join in the planning.
In conjunction with our Libertyville Days booth we are also going to begin a social media campaign on twitter with #4libertyville. This will be connected with our website, giving interested parties a place to share ways we as a church can be for Libertyville as well as a way for them to check out who we are as a church.

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