We still fallaciously believe that God owes us something.  We still heretical believe that we should be able to control God’s actions.  We still childishly believe that we hold all the cards in this relationship rather than the other way around.  Forgive us, Lord.

In today’s reading, and in the days before, Hosea has stated for God that He does not love us anymore.  9:15 says, “I will no longer love them.”  He tells Hosea to name his daughter Ruhamah as a condemnation of Israel, a name that means, “not loved.”  And we read this and cry foul!  God HAS to love us; He said so.  God loves everyone so He can’t not love us.  Isn’t that what grace is?  “Undeserved love”?  If God doesn’t love us, then He’s no God I want to follow!

But we never stop to listen to ourselves.  We never stop to think about what we’re saying.  Who are we to dictate terms to God?  Who are we to command God to do anything, let along feel anything?  Who are we to make such statements?

Since the beginning of time, we’ve ignored God, turned away from God, cheated on God, disobeyed God, crucified God… and yet still we command Him to love us.  We are like abusive spouses, who beat God with our words and attitudes and then declare that He’s not a good spouse unless He does everything we demand of Him.

What if God came to us today and told us that He is done loving us?  Does God have a right to do that?  Can He just stop loving us after the history of abuse we’ve put Him through?  Of course He can!  He’s God!  He can do whatever He likes!

But the good news, the Good News, is that He doesn’t.  He keeps on loving us in spite of our abuse and unfaithfulness.  1:7 says, “Yet I will show love to Judah… I, the Lord their God, will save them.”  Not because He has to, or because He owes us, or because we have demanded it, but out of His own well of love for us.  We need to drop the privileged children act and recognize God’s love and forbearance for what it is – mercy given by one who doesn’t need to give it.  And then, in humility, come with gratitude before Him and praise His name.

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