bibleThis year, we have been challenged to read the bible through from cover to cover together.  We’re using the chronological reading plan, meaning that we will read the passages as they happen in time.  This means that while we are reading about the prophets stories, we will also be reading their writings.  Putting the stories in their historical context gives a slightly different view of the bible Story.

If you are joining us on this quest through God’s Word, here are the monthly readings so far, day by day.  If you are behind, feel free to pick up at today’s reading rather than trying to go back and catch up.  Each week, Pastor Steve will be blogging on some aspect of the readings.  Click here for Pastor Steve’s blog.  The reading plan can be found below, online at, in our monthly newsletter, or in printed form in the church entryway.

Happy reading!

Click To Download:  Jan. Readings, Feb. ReadingsMar. Readings, Apr. Readings

Link to One Year Bible Online:

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