Reading Jeremiah feels like reading today’s newspaper.  The claims of “fake news” among two bickering prophets sounds painfully familiar.  Jeremiah claims that Babylon will be victorious and will conquer Israel.  In fact, he even proclaims that others will come and disagree with him but that they are false prophets, cursed by the Lord.  And sure enough, along comes Hananiah, who prophecies that God will give Judah victory over Babylon.  In fact, with each accusing the other of lies, the only way to tell who was the genuine prophet was to wait and see which spoke the truth.

In fact, that was the normal way to discern the truth of a prophet.  And if a prophet was proven wrong by history, the punishment was usually death.  They took truth far more seriously than we do these days.

Who are the prophets today, proclaiming the truth of God?  That truth is seldom comfortable and those prophets are seldom treated comfortably.  Does God still speak through prophets?  Or is it just through His Word?

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