The search committee that was called by the congregation to bring a candidate to succeed Pastor Dwight is heading into its third month of work. This is our progress since our first meeting on April 2.

We have met with Central Conference superintendent Jerome Nelson.


We have conducted individual interviews with members of the church staff, and reviewed together the themes that emerged.


We have begun the work of writing the senior pastor job description


We have studied materials from the denomination and conference about our tasks and the best way to accomplish them.


We have prayed continually for guidance in this important work.


Over the next few weeks, the committee will be working on developing a complete, up-to-date profile not only of our church, but also of our community, that can be used in discussions with potential candidates for our church. We will integrate what we are learning from the church-wide home meetings about the “Pulse” survey and decide whether a further brief survey of the congregation would be helpful in our task. Thanks for your continued prayers on our behalf, which are the thing we need most of all.

Beth Hjelm and Cap Johnson, committee co-chairs; Trevor James, church chair; Janis Carlson, Dan Frost, Larissa Greenfield, Paul Nauman, Ben Palmberg, Merileen Thorson, and Owen Youngman (secretary)

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