It is so exciting to hear our children reciting scripture, and not just as a rote memory verse, but with excitement.  As they learn about the different judges, they have memorized today’s verse, Isa. 33:22.  I first came to know they were doing this when my 3 year old son Isaac was riding home from church in my back seat.  As I tuned in to just what he was saying, I realized he was excitedly saying, “The LORD is our judge!  The LORD is our lawgiver!  The LORD is our King!  He will save us!”

It is said that from the mouths of babes, wisdom flows.  (Yes, this is actually a bible quote from Ps. 8).  And this is wisdom for our age.  In days of SCOTUS and Kavanaugh hearings, it is important for us to remember just who our true judge is.  As we proclaim that judging someone else is the greatest cultural sin, we simultaneously judge everyone and everything more harshly than ever before.  Yet it is not our peers, or the media, or even SCOTUS who is the judge we need to appeal to.  It is the LORD.

We are also struggling to figure out which laws and rules we should be following.  I can’t seem to get away from conversations about how unreasonable, illogical, or harmful certain laws are.  My teenagers sit and debate what they should be doing based on the social rules of their respective teams/groups/clicks/peers.  We all must be reminded regularly that the rules of this world, while they are to be respected, are not the rules by which we ultimately live.  That honor belongs to our lawgiver, the LORD.

And we’ve seldom seen division in our nation and even our world over world leaders.  From MAGA to NeverTrump, our nation is split seemingly down the middle (though both sides are quick to point out that they have the majority, no matter how slim it is).  And globally, we are seeing rebellions against and changes in our world leadership like seldom before.  So we have to be reminded again and again that the LORD is our king, not a nation or world leader, not a pastor or president, not a respected community leader or a foreign power.  The LORD, and He alone, is our King and worthy of our devotion, respect, and worship.

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